Carole Lombard: The Profane Angel Blogathon!

img_2479I am thrilled to announce that I am participating in my first blogathon! And I’ll be having a look at Bill and Carole’s relationship – marital and platonic…

No whispering you two! Kindly fess up your secrets for this blogathon!

Carole and Bill met in 1931 working on the film ‘Man of the World’, and were taken with each other immediately, eventually getting married, but realising their undeniably strong connection to each other was actually a friendship. This led to a remarkably amicable divorce and, as I’ll discuss, the flowering of artistic excellence!

January 2017 marks the 75th anniversary of Carole’s passing in that horrendous air crash in 1942 – truly a terrible loss to her family and friends but also to popular culture, as Carole’s far-reaching talent gave her the ability to achieve even greater success as an actress and a comedian going into the 1940s, I am certain of that. And this blogathon gives us an opportunity to celebrate this amazing lady, and the amazing legacy she left behind for us to enjoy – not just the pictures she worked on, but as an example of a woman who lived her life on her own terms, and took no bullcrap from anyone.

As Carole would say: ‘NUTS! Son of a BITCH!’



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