The Story of My Life, Ronald Colman – Motion Picture Magazine, March 1925

And unfortunately here it ends – this was the only page available in the online archive. Which is a shame as I am now fiendishly curious about the quintessential Englishman’s roots in Scotland!


Coming Soon! Romola – from the Fan Magazines

Romola was the film that really made Hollywood take notice of William Powell. A huge, mega budget enterprise produced by Inspiration Pictures and directed by Henry King, the picture was shot on location in Italy and trailed in a big way in the fan magazines with beautiful photographs and full length features. Over the next few days I will be presenting offerings from the fan mags, which whetted the movie going public’s appetite for this latest spectacular. Today, here are a couple of wonderful photos of Lillian Gish and with her sister Dorothy:

Motion Picture Magazine, May 1924
Photoplay Magazine, October 1924