Ronald Colman, Photoplay Magazine, September 1926


Back in the Game

No this isn’t the title of some obscure and lost William Powell silent, merely an announcement that I have returned after this very long hiatus to have another thin man! Well a not so thin little girl in actual fact!

I certainly didn’t anticipate that you would need to be an octopus with eight arms when you have a child, and as the blog needs at least two I had to call a moratorium on proceedings. However let us resume the fun and move on to our next chapter in the life of my handsome hero!

Pictures courtesy of Journeys in Classic Film

Faint Perfume (1925)

There doesn’t appear to be much to say about today’s lost picture. Clearly a filler, this melodrama didn’t exactly create any buzz or excitement. Therefore, I am going to leave today’s post in the capable hands of the Photoplay Magazine reviewer:

“A good strong dose of the smelling salts will be needed to revive you after this. Taken from the popular novel by Zona Gale this hasn’t a thing to offer. Everything in the picture compares with the perfume. It’s faint entertainment. William Powell, who was so very grand in ‘Romola’ is the only person in the cast worth mentioning, and even he – oh, well, what’s the use.”

Which is why Photoplay Magazine still stands the test of time for sharp, contemporary writing even after 90 years!

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