William Powell is an intriguing cove – retired in 1955 at the age of 63, he’d been contracted to MGM for so long he was the only star to qualify for the company pension. 

Powell’s career in the earlier part of the 20th century started in theatre, including Broadway, then motion pictures in 1922, through the revolution of talking pictures, the pre-code era and the heyday of classic Hollywood. He variously played villains, smarmy cads, whip smart detectives, loving Dads, and classy gents. After a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed retirement with his wife, Diana ‘Mousie’ Lewis, he died in 1984 aged 91.

Apart from his professional life he was friends with various illustrious peers and had close friendships and relationships with some exceptional women. The purpose of this unofficial site is to shine a light on the work and life of William Powell, and some of his close friends and collaborators.

This tribute site is not affiliated to Mr Powell’s estate or family.

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