Carole Lombard – Immortal 

I’m not going to be in the habit of regularly commemorating deaths, but today is the 75th anniversary of the passing of war hero Carole Lombard – a massive loss to her family and friends but also to entertainment and popular culture. Indeed she was a huge loss to America and the allies generally. If she could raise $2.5 million worth of war bonds in one day, imagine what she would’ve achieved if she’d lived? (According to her Wikipedia entry that’s now worth $34 million in today’s money!)

I bet her spirit gazed with satisfaction in April 1945 when Adolf met his deserved end. I’d also like to think that she was partying with the rest of Europe a few days later on VE Day. 

And today is the start of the Carole Lombard Blogathon – my entry, outlining Bill and Carole’s guide to conscious uncoupling, is on its way!

Here are the other entries – give them a whirl, I can’t wait to get stuck into them all:


4 thoughts on “Carole Lombard – Immortal 

    1. From what I can remember from reading about it SS Carole Lombard did sterling work on rescue missions in the Pacific during the war – can’t recall what the numbers were but many lives were saved.

      Watch this space though – I was lurking round YouTube last night and found a lovely newsreel tribute to Carole that’s only just gone up in the last month so I’m going to put that up now.

      Thanks for a great blogathon Phyllis 😃👍


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